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We Make Urban Mobility

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We are a technology, research, and project firm that specialises in urban mobility.

We stand out from the competition by delivering the end product exactly how the client desires.

The consumer choose to receive this information in the form of a platform, dashboards, reports, etc.

Platforma Vida: A Web-based Traffic Claim Data Management Tool To Promote Road Safety In Fortaleza-ce

Our Story

Led by the belief that anyone can grow







Innovative, Efficient & Scalable by VIDA

Data management tool
We collect the data
We process and consolidate
We make it easy to view and consult
Traffic accident intelligence
VIDA helps in the management of traffic accidents by facilitating access and understanding.
Management controls of the evolution of deaths
In this way, we can help in the construction of monthly monitoring reports to control the evolution of traffic mortality.
We contribute to all this and much more.
Our tool contributes to the management of various data, helping in the production of knowledge, inspection, education and communication, bringing concrete results to the population.
Speed readjustment
-60.2% Fatal accidents
-23.9% of Wounded
-29% hit and run
Safe corner project
Reduction with 50% of claims with victims
Our vision and mission
Using our cities as living labs, our industry and university partners will demonstrate how new technologies can work to solve real problems in real cities by transporting people, freight and waste in smarter ways.
Anchor 1
Monitoring through image analytics
Use of advanced technology that helps the city to receive intelligent alerts about safety and traffic.
Visualization of analytical data in an integrated way. Creating dynamic charts for data analysis.
Solution for public rotary parking
  • Higher turnover
  • Decrease in the flow of vehicles looking for vacancies
  • Different length of stay
  • cheapest prices
  • Moe ea e and agility in everyday life
Smart Equipment
With smart sensors we were able to perfect the ideas behind the smart bin
Logistics and weight and volume data
With the improvement of the recycle bin, we are now able to analyze when the recycle bin is empty or full with volume data to make a smarter collection.
Image by James Day
Image by Eric Prouzet
Public Access

Use clics epic design presets to match multiple platforms and formats.

  • The Claims Map,
  • The list of records,
  • Monitoring panels

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San Francisco, CA 94158


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