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About Us

STB is a company focused on developing tools that provide an intelligent view of any scenario. Established in 2018 with the aim of bringing a solution to public parking lots. STB took advantage of the contact with traffic managers to learn what needed to be improved and with that, it started working on urban mobility and traffic management through analytics.

These works took STB down a very necessary and not very explored path. Today STB uses its intelligence and data to carry out studies and projects that help cities become smart.


Video Analytics

  • They help us to know the average speed of the roads,

  • Fleet classification by model

  • Identification of peak time.

  • The points of improvement and maintenance are identified

  •  Helps in identifing the absence of a helmet in motorcyclists

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Field Surveys

We can do several surveys using our smart monitoring.

  • volume of vehicles per specific time

  • classification of vehicles passing through certain stretches (car, bicycle, truck, bus,etc)

  • Classification of heavy trucks by axles

  • survey of occupancy in public transport


Solution for public parking

  • Higher turnover

  • Decrease in the flow of vehicles looking for vacancies

  • Different length of stay

  • Cheapest prices

  • More ease and agility in everyday life. 

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Full API integration

Our proposal is to be able to communicate with any database, consolidate and organize the information and deliver this information in the form of dashboards and reports.

  • Full integration

  • Active development team

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